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Podcast Software Reviews

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Podcast Software Review

What Does Podcast Software Do?

Podcasting software allows you to create professional sounding podcasts and facilitates publication to your blog, website or a podcast directory. The best podcast software applications provide an all-in-one solution designed to encompass all aspects of podcasting – from recording and editing your sound files to publishing them on the internet for your loyal listeners to download. Podcast software enables you to get your voice heard.

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Why Buy Podcast Software?

In days gone by, broadcasters reserved the airwaves for those who possessed booming baritone voices and corporate backing to finance their show. It was very difficult for newcomers, intent on getting their voices heard, to break into a broadcasting field dominated by FM music stations and AM political talkers.

However, as with so many things in the digital age, the internet changed all that. Terrestrial radio, while still dominant, only comprises a small portion of all the listening content available to us.

Enter Podcasting. A podcast is nothing more than a recorded video or sound file made available for download through a digital broadcasting medium. Once the listener has downloaded the file, they have the ability to enjoy the podcast from any computer or media player.

Anyone can create and distribute a podcast on any subject for any audience. No need to worry about market-share, time slot scheduling or corporate censors. In many ways, podcasting is superior to mainstream terrestrial radio. Chief among them is the ability to produce and consume the exact type of content you want.

Podcast Software: What to Look For

The best podcast software not only records your sound files, but also allows you to polish your work with editing tools. Moreover, it enables you to publish your work for an audience to hear. In this site, you will find articles related to podcasting as well as comprehensive reviews to help you make an informed decision on which podcast software is right for you.

Good podcast software allows you to:

  • Record – Most podcast software can record from a variety of sources including a microphone, from a CD or directly from the computer’s sound card. Some can even record both sides of a VoIP conversation.
  • Edit – The best podcast software include audio editors, so you can mix tracks, cut segments of audio, add effects, convert formats and much more.
  • Publish – Publishing is what sets podcast software apart from a typical audio editor. Podcast software can help you add tags and descriptions and post to your blog, website or to a podcast directory.

Below are the criteria TopTenREVIEWS used to evaluate podcast software:

Content Capture
We looked at the sources the program can record from as well as the types of audio files it can import. The program should be able to record from a microphone as well as from the computer's sound card and auxiliary devices; some even record VoIP interviews. Most programs can import MP3s, but the best also have the ability to import other popular file types like AIFF and WMA.

Editing Features
The best programs include basic audio editing tools such as the ability to cut segments, mix tracks, convert formats and split tracks. Some include advanced tools like automatic gain controls and recording volume sliders. We also considered the variety of effects and filters the program included.

Publishing Options
Podcasters want their work heard and shared. The best podcast software includes publishing wizards that help with tagging and RSS feed creation. Some host their own podcast directory or have plugins for popular blog services.

Ease of Use
Audio editing and recording can be complex, so podcasting software should be easy to use. Well-designed programs clearly explain features and include helpful tools like drag-and-drop editing and right-click edits.

Help & Support
The software provider should offer sufficient support for their program, including embedded help as well as online information. It is also helpful if they host an active user forum and provide email support to their registered users.

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